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“I just want to say that since using your company to promote us, it has increased our sales by far more than our wildest dreams…….FACT.”  – Mr K Borley – Managing Director, K Borley & Son Ltd

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Every business needs search engine optimisation (SEO) for its website. Our SEO services serve businesses in the UK, providing them with expert assistance on making your website ready for search engines. SEO can seem simple at first, but it quickly becomes complicated, and that’s when you need help from SEO experts who have years of experience and the latest knowledge.

72% of B2B researchers begin their search for products and services with generic online searches. With business people and consumers relying on search engines to help them find what they want and keep them informed, it’s vital for your business to be on top of SEO. Good SEO targets the right keywords for your brand, using a range of techniques to improve search engine rankings and boost your business’s online performance.

Our digital marketing services give you powerful SEO that will raise the profile of your website. We use on-page and off-page SEO methods to increase the visibility of your brand online and help you to stand out from your competition. Our services include specialised SEO for WordPress and ecommerce businesses, as well as SEO assistance for businesses of all kinds.

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SEO for Google UK

Google is the largest search engine and the most important one to consider, although it’s not the only one that matters. Understanding Google’s algorithm allows us to optimise your website for the search engine. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with Google’s best practices and the different factors that Google takes into account when it comes to the relevance and quality of a website.

Our SEO services in the UK are delivered by Google experts who keep up with the ways that Google assesses websites when ranking them in search results. A broad range of factors is considered by Google, from how relevant your content is to the search term to how quickly the website loads. All of these elements must be taken into account when working on SEO for Google. Finding the right keywords for your site’s SEO is only one part of the process. Our team of SEO experts covers all of the essentials for effective SEO so that your brand can be found on Google through organic methods.

SEO is an ongoing effort, which needs to be constantly attended to if you want to raise the profile of your site and keep it ranking well. With Google making changes to its algorithm and to their rules and best practices, we can make sure you don’t get left behind.

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SEO is a complex area that’s time-consuming and takes a lot of work. It’s a cost-effective way of promoting your website, but many people simply don’t have the time or skills to do it effectively on their own. Our SEO experts create an SEO strategy and implement it for you so that you can benefit from strategic SEO without having to spend all of your time on it. As experts in search engine optimisation in the UK, we stay up to date with the best techniques. All of our SEO experts have years of experience with search engine optimisation and know how to make the most of the skills and knowledge that they have.

We don’t just know SEO. We also take the time to get to know your brand and your business goals so that we can create an SEO strategy that works for you. With 57% of marketers saying that SEO generated more leads than any other marketing methods in 2020, it’s essential to have a good SEO team on your side. Our experts are here to help, so contact us if you’re ready to start talking about your SEO strategy.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is a key type of SEO for businesses to consider. Whether you have a local store, office, or other location, or you simply want to work with customers or clients close to home, local SEO helps you to find local leads. When you use local search engine optimisation, you narrow down your target market. This is excellent for ensuring you’re not casting out your net too wide and helps you to find a niche. Many people want to choose local businesses, even if they are working with them entirely online. Local SEO involves using a number of methods that target local customers through content with local keywords, business listings, and more.

It can be tricky to get SEO right, but our local SEO experts know what they’re doing. They can help with creating naturally-written SEO content with local keywords that’s relevant to your audience. They will make sure your business is listed in all of the right places, including Google My Business and Google Maps. Whether your goal is to increase foot traffic to your store or find more local clients, local SEO tactics will help you to get noticed by your local community.

WordPress SEO Experts

>WordPress is one of the biggest resources for building websites. People choose it for its ease of use and for the huge range of tools that it offers. A range of WordPress plug-ins are available to help with SEO, but it’s still important to be able to use these tools appropriately. We are experts in WordPress SEO and can design a strategy that helps you to get your WordPress website ranked highly for the best keywords. We will help you to ensure your website design and your choice of SEO plug-in are the best options to achieve a search engine optimised site.

WordPress promotes their CMS as being SEO-friendly, but it still takes work to get your website optimised for search engines. WordPress does give you a helping hand to make things easier, but it’s even better if you have WordPress SEO experts on your side. Using WordPress helps you to adhere to SEO best practices, but you still need an SEO strategy to ensure you take a comprehensive approach.

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E-Commerce SEO Services

“>If your business sells products online, you need to pay special attention to your SEO. E-commerce SEO can get complicated because you want to optimise your site for your brand but also for the individual products that you sell. It can be very hard to get high rankings in search engine results when you’re selling the same products as big brands. Areas like fashion e-commerce can be extremely competitive, so you need e-commerce SEO experts to help you get it right. Simply finding the right keywords and terms takes work, before you can do the work to rank for those terms.

Our experts know all about how to improve SEO for ecommerce websites. With new products added to your store all the time, you need assistance to ensure every product page is optimised and you can beat the competition. You can have hundreds or even thousands of products on your site at the same time, so it’s vital to have the right SEO partners by your side. Everything from metadata to product descriptions and images needs to be optimised for search engines and our team of experts will work hard to cover it all. Get in touch with us today to talk to us about ecommerce SEO for your business.

SEO Expert Services

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s the practice of making setting up a website to help it rank well in search engine results. When you have good SEO, your site will appear higher up in the search results for your desired keywords. For example, if you sell shoes, you might want your website to show up for terms ranging from “Birmingham shoe shop” to “size 5 black high heels”. SEO helps to make your website more visible so that your customers can find you more easily. There are many factors to consider in good SEO, beyond simply using the right keywords. Some of the things that can affect how a search engine ranks a web page include page loading speed, number of external links, and the quality and relevance of your content.

Search engines like Google use algorithms to decide where your website should rank in the results when someone searches for something. Although no one knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works, we do know a lot about the different factors that can affect its ranking. This knowledge is used to try and get the algorithm to rank web pages higher.

How Does SEO work?

There is a lot behind the workings of a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!. When you search for something using a search engine, it sends out a crawler that gathers as much information as it can about content on the internet. The search engine builds an index from the information found and puts it through an algorithm to match it against the search and deliver what it thinks are the most relevant results. Some of the things that the algorithm looks at are the traffic that comes to your site, the quantity and quality of links that point to a page, content length, readability and relevance, and how fast the page loads.

Search engine algorithms look at a lot of factors, and we can’t know exactly how they work. However, we can “manipulate” them by taking steps to show them what they want. SEO is about showing search engines that your website content is relevant to the search terms that they are crawling for. It’s showing search engines that your website is one of the most relevant options that they should choose to provide users with useful content.

What do SEO experts do?

SEO experts arm themselves with the knowledge of what search engines are looking for and how to give it to them. They know how to bring more traffic to your website by improving your organic (non-paid) search result rankings to create long-term success for your business. SEO is an essential form of marketing if you want to promote your business online, so having SEO experts to assist with strategy and implementing SEO best practices is a must. SEO specialists have a range of skills, from a knowledge of the technical aspects of search engine optimisation to excellent communication skills.

Our SEO experts can carry out a broad range of tasks, including keyword research, maintaining title and meta tags, and internal linking. They set up and maintain your website to improve search engine optimisation and boost your web traffic. We work closely with you to help you reach your business goals through SEO, starting with a thorough audit of your existing website. Choosing to work with an agency providing SEO services in the UK gives you a team of skilled experts, adding to your own digital marketing team’s knowledge and ensuring you don’t miss a trick with SEO.

is SEO important?

There’s no doubt that SEO is extremely important in today’s digital landscape. Everyone uses search engines to find what they’re looking for, whether they want to buy a house, get a new phone or find a lawyer. If you don’t pay attention to SEO, you could be missing out on a lot of valuable traffic for your website. While you could simply set up your website and hope for the best, without doing anything special on the SEO side, it’s likely that you’re not going to get very far with that tactic. Actively working on SEO is sure to be something that your competitors are doing, which means that you need to do it too.

Search engine optimisation isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the practice of SEO is continually growing and changing, and it’s important to keep up with the latest guidelines and best practices to keep your website performing well. Some of the things that have recently become more important in SEO include considering the growth of mobile and voice searches and some of Google’s features, such as Featured Snippets.

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